What is Green


Green living is a lifestyle that conserves and preserves the earth’s natural resources, increases your cost savings and improves your health. Elements of green living include:

  • Location and Transit Oriented Development– Less time in the car means more time and money for you and your family. North Calvert Green is located within walking distance to several food markets, bus lines, Penn Station and Barclay’s newest park. Get your daily exercise in exploring your neighborhood.
  • Energy Efficiency – High efficiency appliances result in lower utility bills and greater savings for you. North Calvert Green Townhomes have water-conserving fixtures and high efficiency appliances and building systems.
  • Healthy Living Environment – Eliminate toxic chemicals in your home so that your family can lead healthier lives. Our homes are built with hardwood and ceramic tile flooring, which neither trap pollutants nor emit toxic gases, low to no VOC paints and urea formaldehyde-free cabinets.    
  • Materials Beneficial to the Environment – Living in a historic home reduces the amount of new construction materials used. Building maintenance and green features manuals will be provided to help maintain the conservation of natural resources.  

Living green at North Calvert Green Townhomes is easy and affordable!